How do blogs help revolutionize businesses? essay sample

Write my blogs help revolutionize businesses essayBlogs and social media have enough power to push businesses forward. A company without a Facebook or LinkedIn account might have closed its retail shops as well because online media is the first place where customers want to explore new businesses. A strong online presence increases the visibility of the company and drives more traffic through search engines. Social blogging is essential for promotion and communication with customers. It evokes interest and keeps the audience tuned to the latest news.
Revolutionizing the business is more about developing know-hows and testing new features for production or retail. Blogs pursue quite a different aim as they support communication between businesses and customers. Nothing innovative, but a proper communication is a chance for businesses to understand their clients better and give them precisely the product they need. People like shaping and improving products and services they use rather than buying what is available in the market.
The most important function of the blog is to create the place where current and potential customers can find answers to their questions. Before persuading people to buy the products, bloggers provide some information that can help for free. Blogs express the expertise of the business and show that its solutions can be really effective. Reading posts, consumers can decide whether such services can solve their problem or not.
What many of us like about blogs is their personalization. Whether big or small, a business is not a monster that controls players in the market. It means that people provide services to other people, and consumers like this “human touch” behind the marketing strategy of their favorites. We always strive to interact with other people, and blogs are the best at making businesses personal.

Do small businesses have a chance to succeed in the competitive market today? essay sample

Write my small businesses essayThe fact that you run a small business does not doom you to a low profit and a constant strive for survival. Global giants may be strong players with enormous assets but it does not mean that business goes very smoothly for them. Passion, agility, innovation, and service are the key concepts that make the business viable in the market. Small businesses often have plenty of ideas and energy for their implementation, they do not carry a heavy burden of bureaucracy that hampers their expansion. They work in a niche market where global retailers may look clumsy and odd. Besides, customers always like personalization and human touch that are beyond big business.
In business, like in the natural environment, small does not mean disadvantageous. Small businesses certainly cannot generate billions of dollars in profit and hire an army of experts, but they can customize, implement innovation, and provide the best service for every single client. And customers mostly care about high-quality products and service, especially in niche markets. Small businesses have much more chances to be sustainable. They can grow organic plants or make clothes not involving child labor. And many customers like that too. Global suppliers frequently cannot trace back where their materials come from. On the other hand, small businesses choose only the most trustworthy suppliers to cooperate. Their products are not the cheapest in the global market, but niche customers always know what they are paying for.
Many large and small businesses emerge today, but there are enough customers for each of them. The size of the enterprise does not define the quality of its products or service. Instead, there are a few areas in which small businesses can win.

Are older children more successful? essay sample

Write my successful children essayThere is a strong belief that children develop different personality and behavior according to their birth order. Older siblings are supposed to be more responsible and successful while younger siblings are usually pets of the family. They can do whatever they like and take less responsibility than their older brothers and sisters. Nevertheless, Australian psychologists debunk the myth that children are tied to a particular personality type because they were born the first or the last. It is a family environment and parenting styles that shape our character, not birth order.
Naturally, the only children and siblings grow up in different conditions. Some of them can expect more parental attention, the others are entitled to give more to their family. But the number of children in the family does not guarantee the success of each of them. Technically, the only children and the elder siblings have more chances to get the best education and to start a dazzling career. But such factors strongly depend on education and occupation of parents as well as on a family income. If parents can pay enough attention to their kids, each of them can be happy and responsible.
Birth order impacts children indirectly changing the environment in which they grow up. But it is entirely up to parents to gain control over what is happening in their family. Wise parenting leaves no chance for a neglect, and the only children do not grow up spoiled in sustainable families. Therefore, parents shall take more responsibility for what their children have grown into. Education does not happen by default, and the child’s personality is for parents to shape.

Child labor is a sad reality in third-world countries. Do we contribute to child labor by purchasing products from companies who employ children in their factories? essay sample

Write my Child labor essayAccording to the International Labor Organization, nearly 170 million children are involved in child labor. China, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Pakistan, Uzbekistan are particularly notorious for child labor in the production of textile and garments. Haunted by poverty, children participate at all stages of the supply chain. They help produce, harvest, and yarn cotton, after which kids put garments together in factories across Asia. In many cases, children willingly work for an incredibly low salary. International organizations find it hard to fight child labor because of extreme poverty in the region and a very complex supply chain that makes it practically impossible to trace back the origins of garments.
Fast fashion stimulates companies to search for cheap suppliers, and here they go, ready to sell super affordable garments. Even if companies set a strict code of conduct, they cannot be sure that each of their suppliers is clean of child labor. Certainly, consumers want to buy cheap clothes and companies are not motivated to increase their production costs. They will purchase fabric for a fair price to make the best offer to their consumers. But they cannot make cheap clothes without child labor, and not all consumers are aware of that. But if they knew, they could hardly improve the issue. Even in the developed world, many consumers can hardly buy expensive branded clothes.
Combating child labor equals eliminating poverty. Education is limited in the developing world, and even if it exists, parents are often unable to pay for it. To break the vicious cycle, we need more educational opportunities for children. Once they get some qualification, they will not work for a penny and would not allow their own kids to do so.

What does the general public think about death penalty? essay sample

Write my death penalty essayAccording to the Pew Research Center, 49% of Americans favor the death penalty for people convicted of murder, and 42% of respondents oppose it. Since 1995, support of the death penalty has steadily fallen, but the majority of respondents still favors the practice. The Pew research also highlights major concerns expressed by Americans towards capital punishment. 71% of Americans believe that an innocent person can be sentenced to death by mistake. 61% of respondents say that death penalty does not prevent people from committing a crime. About 52% of Americans suppose that racial minorities are more likely to undergo death penalty.
Death penalty constantly raises concerns of the society as people try to decide whether it is ethical or not. Meanwhile, capital punishment remains legal in many states. California and Nebraska recently decided to retain the practice as people believe it helps to reinforce safety when the gun violence is rampant. But the number of executions drops with every year. In 2016, 20 convicts have been executed in the US. Amnesty International claims that for the first time in a decade the US is ranked as far as the seventh country by the number of executions. China, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Pakistan, and Egypt executed more convicts than the US did in 2016. China did not publish the number of people executed, and the international community suspects there had been thousands of executions annually.