Top persuasive college essay topics


No matter what task you get, one of the most important things is to choose the right issue to dwell upon. The more unconventional it is, the more fascinating your paper will be to read. As you have probably understood, being original is the key to success.

Speaking about top persuasive college essay topics, here are a few ideas to take into account. To begin with, you may consider dwelling upon such issue as the control of gun ownership. This topic has been at the forefront recently which is why you will have a lot to dwell upon. Another subject to touch upon in your essay is recycling. We are all worried about the future of our planet. However, we do not always take action to preserve it. Anyway, writing a college essay on the issue in question will definitely help you learn more about it. Furthermore, you may be interested in such topic as our dependence on technology these days. You will surely come up with lots of examples for this one.

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Pesticides essay sample

To start, a pesticide is a substance or a mixture of substances that is used in order to prevent, mitigate, repel or destroy pests. A pest is a living organism that occurs where it is not wanted. What is more, it causes damage to crops, animals or even humans.

Obviously, any pesticide can create some risk for the environment, animals or humans as it has been made in order to kill pests. Yet, pesticides have been designed in order to help people protect their crops as well as get rid of unwanted pests.

Pesticides are most commonly used among farmers as they help them to prevent crop losses. Furthermore, farmers in the US get a fourfold return of the amount of money they spend in order to buy pesticides. Even though pesticides may be quite harmful, not using them reduces crop yields by 10%. A ban on pesticides may result in the following: loss of jobs, rise of prices on food and a world hunger increase. Pesticides are really helpful in agriculture which is the reason why they are so widespread these days. Feel free to find out more about the usage of pesticides at …

Oil spills essay sample


Oil spills usually occur due to human activity. It is a form of pollution which results in releasing of a liquid petroleum hydrocarbon in the environment. Marine areas are usually the most contaminated ones. Birds and mammals are the most affected ones. What is more, it is really difficult to recover from an oil spill. There are a few factors to consider: types of shorelines that are involved; type of the spilled oil and the temperature of the water. Sometimes it even takes years to clean up.

The effects on environment are huge. For instance, those animals which rely on scent in order to find their mothers and babies can no longer do that because of the strong scent of the spilled oil. What is more, a bird’s ability to fly is impaired. As a result, it cannot escape perpetrators. Another aspect to take into consideration is that an animal’s hormone balance is changed because of fact that it has been exposed to petroleum. In other words, birds and animals suffer from oil spills a lot. In addition, it is also one of the reasons why they extinct. Familiarize yourself with more information on the issue of oil spills at …

Research paper online


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Professional creative writing


As you have already understood, creative writing is all about your ability to come up with unconventional ideas. You need to sound unique in case you want to impress your teacher. Thus, your piece of writing has to stand out. Otherwise, you will have less chances to get a good grade for the paper and to improve your academic performance.

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How to write an essay

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Examples of psychology aging essay

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Descriptive essay

The range of subjects you can choose to dwell upon in your descriptive essay is huge. What is means is that you will most likely have complete freedom of choice. Besides, you might also come up with something you are personally interested in. Thus, the result will be satisfactory as you will be able to impress your teacher with your piece of writing.

What is important to remember is that your essay has to be outstanding. The more unconventional your topic is, the more chances to get a good grade you have. For this reason, you can choose some object, person, situation, place or experience to dwell upon in your paper. The more vivid your images are, the better impression you will create.

As you have already understood, the task of writing a descriptive essay calls for a great deal of creativity. Therefore, you will surely need to find a way with the help of which you will manage to brainstorm unique ideas. Yet, keep in mind that your essay should be easy to read. Keep it simple.

Do not forget to write in a clear and organized manner. What it means is that your piece of writing should have logical transitions from one paragraph to another. You don’t want to reader to get lost in your stream of consciousness, do you?

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College papers to buy

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